Ukraine Travel Advisory Level 4 Do Not Travel by US

Don’t travel to Ukraine because of conflict or COVID-19. U.S. citizens who reside in Ukraine must leave immediately if they are able to do so by using any private or commercially available ground transportation alternatives. U.S. citizens remaining in Ukraine must be vigilant in observing government announcements as well as international and local media outlets for details about changes in security conditions and warnings to stay in shelters. Anyone who is still in Ukraine must exercise greater caution in light of the potential for active combat, criminal activity and civil disturbances. Learn the full Travel Advisory.

It is reported that the U.S. Department of State has suspended operations at the U.S. Embassy Kyiv, beginning on February 28, 2022. The consular services that are available in person in Ukraine will be temporarily suspended until further notice. U.S. citizens seeking emergency assistance or those who choose to stay in Ukraine need to fill out this form online with The State Department will respond. U.S. citizens may also apply for consular services, including loans for repatriation or passports, as well as visa services at U.S. consulates and embassies in other countries.

The 24th of February Russian forces attacked several major Ukrainian cities. In addition, the Ukrainian government shut down its airspace for commercial flights because of the military actions of Russia.

On February 24 On February 24, The Ukrainian government declared an emergency state. Every province (oblast) will determine the measures to be put into place depending on local circumstances. The measures could include curfews or limitations on mobility of people, ID verification, and enhanced security inspections, as well as other things. Take any emergency measures that are imposed within your region.

The security situation across Ukraine is extremely volatile and the situation could deteriorate without warning. U.S. citizens should remain vigilant and take measures to enhance their awareness of security. Be aware of the location of your nearest shelter or safe space. If you experience a mortar or rocket fire, you must follow the advice of authorities at the local level and seek shelter immediately. If you think your current home is unsafe it is important to carefully consider the risks that could be associated with shifting to a safer location.

On February 12th, The Department of State ordered the expulsion of U.S. direct hire employees from Embassy Kyiv. The Department prior to that had authorized the voluntary exile of U.S. direct hire employees and also ordered the departure of family members on the 23rd of January.

U.S. citizens seeking emergency assistance or those who choose to stay in Ukraine must fill out this form online to request assistance. The State Department will respond. This form is available online. U.S. government will not be able to remove U.S. citizens from Ukraine. Check out your options regarding what U.S. government can and can’t do to help you during a time of crisis abroad. U.S. citizens may seek consular assistance, which includes requests for repatriation loan, passport and visa services in U.S. embassies and consulates in countries that are neighboring.

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COVID Avoid Travel

Check out the Embassy’s COVID-19 page for more details on COVID-19, as well as associated restrictions, conditions and limitations in Ukraine. Go through the department’s COVID-19 website prior to planning any travel abroad.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued an “Level 4” Travel Health Notification for Ukraine which indicates an extremely high rate of COVID-19 throughout the country. Your chance of contracting COVID-19 and acquiring severe symptoms is less when you’re completely vaccinated and have the FDA approved vaccine. Prior to planning your next trip abroad check out the CDC’s recommendations specific to vaccine-free and not vaccinated travellers.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) prohibits U.S. civil aviation from flying within Ukrainian airspace. For more details, U.S. citizens should look up FAA’s prohibitions, restrictions,, and Notices.

If you’re currently located in Ukraine:

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